About Us

Engravingift -Send Your Love By Gift

Engravingift is a personalized jewelry gift shop.We are professional in personalized Necklace,Bracelet,Keychain,Ring,Earring and other accessories.

Each handmade jewelry piece is uniquely made just for you. With just the right designs, metals, and birthstones, Your happiness can be witnessed in stunning personalized jewelry.

It’s our honor to witness your happiness, also it is the power of our working.

We believe the world should be full of love and we wish to design unique and customizable necklaces to help people express their love to ones they care about. We hope to connect people closer with our unique necklaces.

Professional Shooting

We have our own product design and product shooting team, we will combine the trend of fashion accessories to design innovative customized accessories! At the same time, it will also show the most real product pictures to our customers!

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Engravingift is a custom jewelry factory developed in 2012. In the course of several years of development, we have continuously improved the quality of our products and trained batches of craftsmen, including the control standards of the production machines are also very strict !

Huge Warehouse

In order to allow our customers to receive orders as quickly as possible, we have warehouses all over the world, and the average area of each warehouse is no less than 300 square meters! While pursuing product quality, we also pay more and more attention to delivery speed and shipping speed!

Engravingift is a jewelry brand developed from a physical store. There are more than 50 franchise stores in Asia and Europe! Since 2015, Engravingift has started to sell customized accessories on the e-commerce platform, and has won the love of fans and friends! Therefore, we will surely persevere in designing more high-quality custom jewelry!