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Classic Photo Projection Cuban Bracelet

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Give the Gift of endless Love
Our NEIFALL Bracelets will keep a special memory always close to the heart of Your loved one. a gift that will leave anyone speechless.
Makes the Perfect Gift

Our NEIFALL makesthe perfect gift for any occasion to make your loved one always remember a special situation or just carry you close by their hearts
  • Custom Classic Photo Projection Cuban Bracelet – A custom Bracelets for anything you love in life. Each Bracelets is made to order and has been designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans. 
  • Wonderful Gift Choice – Our Classic Photo Projection Cuban Bracelet makes for a great birthday, anniversary, holiday, or “just because” gift for a special woman or man in your life.  Buy 2 is a perfect choice because you can keep one and gift another one for someone you love. 
A Picture Inside - Carry a special moment close to Your Heart

Each bracelets has a custom picture inside.3 ways of viewing it:
  1. Just simply hold it close to your eyes and look through the circle
  2. Hold it close to the lens of your camera to see it on the screen of your phone
  3. Shine the flashlight of your phone through the back of the circle and project it onto a wall in the dark.

Great Photo Ideas to put inside the bracelet
  • Upload Your Favorite Picture Now - and make an unforgettable Gift

Bracelet Details
  • Bracelet Chain:  Titanium Steel Cuban Chain + Extension Chain